RBBG Series Bubble Ultrasonic Detectors

RBBG series bubble ultrasonic detectors can detect air bubbles in the fluid in plastic tubing, and can also detect the gas/liquid state at certain positions, which are commonly used in medical devices, bioprocessing, industrial automation, food and beverage dosing, spraying and lubrication and other fields. The sensors use ultrasonic pulse technology, and their response time and sensitivity can be flexibly modified to adapt to different application requirements. 

The clamp-on sensors detect air bubbles in liquid-filled tubes quickly and reliably. They allow for both liquid monitoring and wet-dry reporting. Non-invasive air bubble detection and the compact design of the ultrasonic sensors are the basic prerequisite for hygienic and contamination-free applications. The sensor is simply clamped-on the liquid-filled tube, its cable is connected to the device control. A fast, smooth changeover is guaranteed, and a coupling medium is not required.

Ultrasonic Bubble Detector for Medical, Bioprocessing, and Industrial Applications, are applied in various fields within the medical industry, the biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical sector, food and beverage, semiconductor industry or process control and automation. Which particular sensor to choose, depends on the actual application. The sensors can detect bubbles, microbubbles, and air in line; but can also be applied as full / empty and level sensors.





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RBBG Series Bubble Ultrasonic Detectors Principle:


RBBG Series Bubble Ultrasonic Detectors Features:

• High precision, high stability, dry coupling

• Non-invasive measurement, no direct contact with liquid, hygienic and safe

• Detection is not affected by the color of the tubing and liquid

• The circuit is integrated inside the sensor and the size is compact

• Multiple standard sizes to accommodate different tubing diameters


RBBG Series Bubble Ultrasonic Detectors Specification:

Liquids Water, blood, saline, beverages, gasoline, paint, etc.
Tubing Materials PVC, silicone, PE, PUR and other materials, with smooth inner and outer surfaces and no fiber or metal woven layer inside. Ideally, the wall thickness of the tubing is 10-20% of the outer diameter. The tubing needs to be pressed to the bottom of the sensor measurement slot to guarantee close contact. Dry coupling between the tubing and sensor does not require the use of grease or other coupling agents.
Housing Material ABS plastic
Input Voltage 5-30 VDC
Current Consumption Less than 50mA
Working Temperature 0 °C to 60 °C
Storage  -20 °C to 70 °C
Relative Humidity 30% to 90%(No condensation)
Atmospheric Environment No corrosive gases allowed
SelfTest Optional function: Selftest can provide self checking when the tubing is not installed in the sensor. When an external 0V input signal is supplied to the Selftest pin, the sensor status changes to gas detected and the LED indicator turns red.



Model Selection

RBBG Series Bubble Ultrasonic Detectors Model Selection:



RBBG Series Bubble Ultrasonic Detectors Applications:

• Medical devices such as hemodialysis machine, organ transplantation system, heart-lung machine, blood pump
• Biopharmaceutical processes and equipment, such as single-use systems, fermenters, cell culture equipment, vaccine production, tangential flow filtration systems, liquid chromatographs
• Fluid monitoring during semiconductor manufacturing, such as high purity water and corrosive chemicals
• Food & beverage processing, such as milk, juice, beer production
• Filling equipment, spraying equipment, cooling system, lubrication system
• Scientific experiment system
• Water treatment and wastewater treatment system


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