Micro Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow Heat Meter(BTU)

RBFM-K Compact Clamp-on Micro Ultrasonic Flow and Heat Meter(Transmit-time) is quick and easy to install and For DN12-DN65, even by non-trained operators,  the clam-shell design of this range makes them a fast and reliable solution for non invasive flow and/or heat measurement applications. As the sensor seperation distance is fixed, there is no need for adjustment and once fitted they are not easily disturbed. RBFM-K is special designed for small and mocro pipe size.


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RBFM-K Compact Clamp-on mirco UltrasonicFlow and Heat Meter(flow sensor) features:
  • Available in1/2” – 1-1/2″ (15-65 mm) pipe sizes
  • Liquid compatibility or Pressure is not an issue;
  • Transducer temperature range: 0—65℃ or  0—115
  •  No professional product knowledge required, installation and measurement is quick and easy.
  •  No moving parts or pressure loss changes involved;
  • Installation can be done without systems shut-down or flow interuption
  • Mostly Clean and non-aerated liquids only (See Doppler type if over 10% Solids or entrained air)
  • 256*128 LCD display. Display a variety of information.
  • It is optional to become an ultrasonic cooling (heat) meter/ btu meter/ energy meter to realize the monitoring and measurement of energy.

RBFM-K Compact Clamp-on UltrasonicFlow and Heat Meter specification:



Pipe material

Metal /PVC, PP or PVDF rigid plastic pipe

Liquid type

Water/other liquid (Single liquid medium without solid   particles or impurities)

Temperature range

0-75℃ (No freezing on the surface)

Low velocity cut off value (Default by factory)



256*128, LCD

Response time



±2%, (±1% after calibration)

Data Storage period


Memory for data backup

EEPROM (Data storage: over 10 years, data read/write   frequency: over 1 million times)

Power and I/O connection

M12 type aviation plug




Modbus RS485

(Options for output)

OCT (pulse output)/ One relay alarm (please contact the   factory)

Power supply

10-24V VDC

Electric power

< 3W

Protective circuit

Power reverse connection protection, Power surge   protection,

Output short circuit protection, Output surge   protection

Enclosure protection class


Environment temperature

-10 to 60°C (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85% RH (No condensation)

Vibration resistance

10 to 55 Hz,

double amplitude 1.5 mm, 2 hours in each XYZ axis

Impact resistant

100 m/s2 16ms pulse, 1000 times each for X, Y and Z axes

Main material

Aluminum, Industrial Plastics


Model Selection

RBFM-K Compact Clamp-on UltrasonicFlow and Heat Meter Model Selection:

RBFM-K Compact Flow/Heat Meter Model Selection
RBFM-K- Pipe size
  15 DN15
20 DN20
25 DN25
32 DN32
40 DN40
50 DN50
65 DN65
  Fluid type:
1 water
2 Others, pls clarify it
F Flow
H Flow/Heat with Pt1000 temp. sensor
  Ultrasonic Sensor cable
S Standard length-2m
X Xm cable
  Type of Transducer
T1 0-65℃
T2 0-115℃
  Output(only choose 2 out of 4)
A 4-20mA
M Modbus(RS485)
O OCT(Frequency)
R 1pc Relay
  Temperature sensor length
N No temp. sensor
9 Standard length-9m
15 Extend cable length 15m
25 Extend cable length 25m

RBFM-K Compact Clamp-on Micro UltrasonicFlow and Heat Meter Application:

  • Chemical Processes
  • Water Usage  
  • Scrubber | Gas Stacks
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Visual Flow Indication
  • Totalizer – Batching Applications
  • Semiconductor industry
  • ETC.

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