NB-IoT Wireless Pressure Sensor


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RBTD-P06 wireless pressure gauge/sensor Features

  • NB-IOT network available in wider areas with signal coverage
  • LCD real-time display with 5-digit reading
  • Low power consumption with sleeping mode lower to 6μA
  • Networking automatic time checking and offline automatic connection
  • Customized settings (interval, threshold value etc.)
  • Support customer self-built system and configuration application
  • IP65 protection

RBTD-P06 wireless pressure gauge/sensor Specification:

Range: 0~10KPa.....100MPa

Pressure type: gauge, absolute, sealed gauge

Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

Stability: ±0.5%FS/year

Over pressure: 150%FS

Output signal: NB-IOT wireless signal transmission


Power consumption

sleep mode: <6uA (LCD light off)

reporting - working mode: <50mA

detecting - <1mA, detect at specific moment only (configurable)



Operation environment: -20~70C,0~90%RH

Storage temperature: -40~120C

Protection: IP65



7 digit segment LCD display, 5 digit readings

Wake up button: trigger by magnetic bar  (Calibrate button could be added if u need)

Process connection: M20*1.5

High-gain antenna: 12db

38000mAh Li battery for 1~3 years, changeable

If there is Line power adapter:

Input:100~240VAC 50/60Hz, output: 5V2ADC

Electric connection: 5-pin aviation plug

Model Selection

RBTD-P06 wireless pressure gauge/sensor Model Selection:

RBTD-P06 Wireless Pressure Sensor(NB-IOT)
  Range 0~10KPa….100MPa
(0~X)KPa/MPa X: actual pressure measured range
  Code Pressure type
G Gauge
S Sealed gauge
A Absolute
  Code Power supply
P1 20000MAh battery
P2 20000MAh rechangeable Li-battery +line power
P3 20000MAh rechangeable Li-battery + solar board
  Code Antenna type  
A1 1.5m external entenna with magnetic base
A2 special
  Code Process connection
C1 M20*1.5
C2 Special
RBTD-P06 0-2.5MPa G P1 A1 C1


RBTD-P06 wireless pressure gauge/sensor is mainly used in fields like petroleum, coal, tap water and industrial automation controlling etc.


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