Slurry Magnetic Flow Meter

The RBEF-S High frequency slerry type Magnetic Flow Meter is special designed for the measurement of Process Media Type: Liquid, Suspended Solids / Slurries, pulp, paper pulp and pasty liquid. To achieve a stable measurement of slurry, 25Hz excitation frequency and latest noise-suppression methods are applied to reduce the flow noise effectively.

The converter of this type flowmeter uses 25Hz ~ 50Hz high-frequency square wave excitation, so that effectively reduces the flow noise. It uses the latest signal processing technology and noise suppression algorithm to achieve a stable measurement, which means Zero-point stability, Low steady-state volatility and fast dynamic response. The sensor has abrasion-resistant lining, which is suitable for the flow measurement of solid-liquid suspension or inhomogeneous liquids. RBEF is mainly used for measuring the slurry of pulp, coal water slurry, mud (including micro particles) and cement slurry etc.




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High frequency slerry type Magnetic Flow Meter Features:

  • Programmable low frequency square wave field excitation: 25Hz;
  •  Excitation current can be selected from 100mA to 500mA and connnected with a variety of sensor made by various manufacturer;
  •  Bi-directional measurement, flow ranges form 0.1 to 15 m/s;
  •  Empty pipe detection and suitable for various liquid;
  •  AC power ranges from 85VAC - 250VAC, 45 - 63Hz;
  •  DC power ranges from 16VDC - 36VDC;
  •  Isolated RS485/RS232C communication interface supporting MODBUS, PROFIBUS-DP and HART;
  •  Various display language;
  •  Three internal totalizers: forward totalizer, backward totalizer and net totalizer;
  •  Signal outputs: analog output:0-10mA or 4-20mA, pulse output: 0 - 5000Hz, OC gate alarm output;
  •  Sensor size: 15 - 600mm.

High frequency slerry type Magnetic Flow Meter Specification:

Nominal Diameter  DN15~DN600
Eiectrode Material 316L,Hb, Hc, Ti, Ta, Pt
Lining Material PTFE, PFA, F46,PU polyurethane, Ceramic
Dielectric Conductivity  ≥5μS/cm,softening water 20μS/cm
Accuracy Level ±0.5%R~±1.0%R
Flow Range 0.3m/s ~6m/s
Ambient Temperature A:≤80C;B:≤120C
Nominal Pressure 0.6MPa~1.6MPa(by caliber)
Installation Form Compact/Remote
Shell Material Stainless steel, carbon steel
Connection Flange-type
Others Same as flange-type


Model Selection

High frequency slerry type Magnetic Flow Meter Model Selection: 


High frequency slurry type Magnetic Flow Meter  is special designed for the measurement of pulp, paper pulp and pasty liquid.


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