Insertion Ultrasonic Water meter

Battery Operation Insertion water meter specially design for agricultural irrigation,garden management and water resource supervision.  Low cost,high accuracy, low power consumption,stability and reliability. Only  1 inch(25mm) thickness of the meter help to save the installation space,and all parts achieve to IP68 enable the water meter work in any severe environment.

Due to the unique design structure, there will be no pressure loss and different water medium will have no influence on measurement. This ultrasonic water meter will be a major breakthrough for water measurement in agricultural irrigation.


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Battery Powered Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter Features:

1.Protection Level IP68 

Whole machine waterproof: whole machine sealed completely,reach IP68 protection level.

Parts waterproof: each part reach to IP68 separately,esnsure long term work even if the meter get into water.

2. Untrasound Measurement No rotation, No moving Parts

Ensure Long-term high measuring accuracy

Apply to varieties of water quality,including the water contain gravel and weeds.

3. Built-in Volume Controller,Built -in Time Accumulato

Automatically start the controller at the set time,achieve to supply water automatically,regularly and quantitatively.

Time-sharing flow accumulation within the set period of time,to achieve gradient rate.

4. Special design for agricultural irrigation,garden management and water resource supervision


Battery powered Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter Specification:

Item Specification
Standard  ISO 4064-2005
Measurement Liquid  Water, sewage, seawater(Other liquid need to customized),The pipeline should be full of liquid
Medium Temperature  0.1-30°C
Working Environment  Temperature,-10-45°C; Humidity≤100% (RH)
Working Pressure  1.6MPa (2.5Mpa optional)
The sensitivity of upstream  U5
The sensitivity of downstream  D3
Climatic and mechanical  C level
Electromagnetic compatibility class E2 level
Communication Interface RS485/USART/Infrared
Output Signal Two way OCT or TTL pulse output/One way 4-20ma analog output 
Power supply  Built-in Lithium battery(3.6V, 19Ah)/DC8-36V power supply/ two-wire system 4-20mA
Protection Class IP68, can work 2 meters under water
Digital display Multi line 9 digital accumulative flow, 4 digital display for instantaneous flow, varies of state prompt and units
Data Storage EEPROM/FLASH, automatically record the cumuiative flow of last 128 months and last 512 days
Measurement Cycle
Measuring; 1 times/second; Verification; 4 times/second


Flow range:

DN(mm) R Flow Rate (m3/h)
Start Flow Rate Min.Flow Rate Transitional Flow Rate Permanent Flow Rate Overload Flow Rate

Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
DN65 40 0.394 1.575 2.520 63.000 78.750
DN80 0.625 2.500 4.000 100.000 125.000
DN100 1.000 4.000 6.400 160.000 200.000
Model Selection

Battery Operated Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter Model Selection

RBBW-I Battery Operated Ultrasonic Water Meter

Pipe Size
65 DN65
80 DN80
100 DN100

Power Supply
D 8-36VDC
B Battery

N None
M M-bus
R RS485(Modbus)
A 2-wire 4-20mA(need 12V power supply)
C1 OCT1 (Open-collector output 1)
C2 OCT2 (Open-collector output 2)
P1 TTL level pulse output 1
P2 TTL level pulse output 1

Battery Powered Insertion Ultrasonic Water Meter Applications:

  • Agricultural irrigation, landscaping;
  • Garden management
  • Leakage detection
  • Water resource management;
  • Etc.

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