RB420 LCD 1-4 Channels Paperless Recorder

RB420 Series Paperless recorder instruments adopt three kinds of latest technology, low cost design. The paperless recorder will input signal for all the various needed monitoring records in the industrial site, such as the temperature signal of thermal resistance, and thermocouple, flow signal of the flow meter, pressure signal of the pressure transmitter, etc. Through the data processing of high-performance microprocessor, on the one hand, it can display various forms of screens in high resolution liquid crystal display screen , and on the other hand, it can store the monitoring signal data in large-capacity memory chips inside the instrument in order to query, read and print data and graphics directly.


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RB420 Series Paperless recorder Features:

  • Standard instrument size 160mm * 80mm
  • Monochrome LCD, 320 * 200 resolution
  •  4-way universal signal input, mA, V, mV, TC, RTD,etc
  • Support thermocouple to input cold junction compensation
  • High precision signal input ± 0.2% F.S.
  • It can record 180 days during1 minute interval , and data will not be lost in10 years
  • Channel high- low limit alarm, 4-way relay contact output
  • 1-way 4-20mA current output, 1-way 24VDC power distribution
  • USB 2.0 interface, support instrument data export
  • A variety of data forms, digital, bar graphs, curves
  • Support channel accumulation, as well as the shift report , daily, monthly and annual report
  • Standard RS232C/RS485 communication interface, standard ModbusRTU agreement
  • It has configuration file backup export functions; 

RB420 Series Paperless recorder Specification:

  •  Input Channel: 1~8channels adopt absolute floating isolation inputs. The isolated voltages between channels /channels to ground were Vp-p 400V. (special demands can reach up to Vp-p 600V)
  • Output channels: 7/8 channel can be used as 2 channels of current-output, and e mode of current-output is 4-20mA/0-10mA and set by software.
  • Input Signal: standard signal: 0~10mA, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, 1~5V;
  •                          thermal couples: R,S,B,K,J,E,N,T,EA2,WRe526;
  •                          thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50;
  •      DC voltage: 20mV,40mV,60mV,80mV,100mV,200mV,1V,2V,5V;
  •      Frequency: 2~10kHz, voltage value ≥5V
  •      Pulse: 0~5kHz, voltage value ≥5V
  •      Basic Errors:  ±0.5%  ±1LsB  
  •      Resolving Power of Curve: 0.4%
  •      Sampling Time: channel 1----0.3s;channel 2----0.4s;channel 4----0.6s;channel 8---1.0s
  •      Recorder Speed: 1,2,4,8,12,16,20s
  •     Storing Memory: 256M、512M、1G、2G
  •     Curve Recorder Time: curve recorder time= recorder speed*21* Storing Memory/32(day)
  •     Display mode: curve/digit display, bar diagram/digit display, digit display, total accumulation/day accumulation mixed display, setting display.
  •     Warning points: 8 warning points
  •     Warning mode: every channel has 4 warning points at most, and software can help to realize upper-lower limit warning, upper- upper warning, lower-lower limit warning.
  •     Warning output: node capacity: 250V、AC、1A,30V、DC、3A.
  •     Communication Interface: RS-485 optical isolation; communication instance: less than 1200 meters; baud rate is 14400.
  •     Power supply: 220V、AC±10%,50HZ±2HZ.
  •     Weight: 5.3kg
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