Magnetic Flow Converter

RBEFC Magnetic Flow Converter/Transmitter can be used to work with a variety of magnetic sensors from different makers, such as Krohne, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress+Hauser(E+H), Toshiba, Emerson, ABB, Honeywell, Omega, McCrometer, Badger Meter, Seametrics, ONICON and MJK Magnetic flow meter manufacturers, etc..
The PWM current excitation technique is implemented to excite the coils ranging from 5 Ohms to 120 Ohms. The constant current can be set to 100mA, 125mA, 200mA, 250mA, 375mA, and up to 500mA to suit most commonly used signal level. The converter is available in two models: compact type which is for on-site display, and remote type used for flow display up to 300 meters away from the sensor. The RBEFC(RBmag) Flow converter provides an option for magnetic sensor manufacturers to form a precision and reliable measuring system.


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Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction states that an inductive voltage is generated when a conductor moves through a magnetic field. This principle is used as the basis of flow measurement in the RBEF electromagnetic flow meter.  In the electromagnetic flow meter, the flowing fluid corresponds to the moving conductor as described in Faraday’s law.

UE ∞ B * D * v

The induced voltage UE is directly proportional to magnetic field intensity (B), electrode spacing (D) and average fluid velocity (v). Since magnetic field intensity (B) and the electrode spacing (D) are constant values, induced voltage UE is therefore directly proportional to the average flow velocity (v).

Q = (∏ * D2) / 4 * v     therefore    UE ∞ Q

The equation for calculating volumetric flow rate (Q) shows that the induced voltage (UE) is linear and directly proportional to the average velocity (v).  In the  flowmeter transmitter, the induced voltage (UE) from the electrodes is used to calculate volumetric flow rate (Q) based upon the pipe’s internal diameter.

UE = Induced voltage

B = Magnetic field strength

D = Electrode spacing

V = Fluid velocity

Q = Instantaneous volumetric flow rate


RBEFC Magnetic Flow Converter/Transmitters have Compact type and Remote type:

  1.          Programmable low frequency square wave field excitation, improving measurement stability and reducing power consumption;

2.          Implementing 16 bits MCU, providing high integration and accuracy;

3.          Full-digital processing, high noise resistance and reliable measurement;

4.          Low EMI switching power supply, providing wide mains range adaptability, high efficiency and low temperature rising;

5.          User-friendly operation interface;

6.          High definition LCD display with backlight and -20℃ - +70℃ temperature range;

7.          Forward and reverse measurement;

8.          Three independent 10-digit totalizer: forward, reverse and net totalizer, convenient for metering or billing;

9.          RS485 interface supporting up to 2km distance at 14400 bps communication;

10.        Intelligent empty pipe detection and electrodes resistance measurement diagnosing empty pipe and electrodes contamination accurately;

11.        Implementing ‘Rate-Of-Change Limit’ technology to eliminate sharp electrical noise contained in the flow signal and stabilize the display and outputs;

12.        Totalizer remote control function, providing a contact for starting and stopping totalizing which is convenient for calibration synchronization or batch processing,  System self-diagnosisn function;

13.        Non-volatile memory, securing parameter settings and measurement data;

14.        Optional real-time clock, power-failure and history data logging function ,storing up to 30 days measurement records;

15.     On-site display

16.     English & other languages


RBEFC Magentic Flowmeter Converter/Transmitter Specification

Housing Protection Class


IP67 (Compact versions only)

IP68 (Remote Versions Only)

Remote Transmitter

Pipe Mount or Wall Mount

Available Power Supplies



Transmitter Configuration Options

Front Panel Keypad

Hand Held Infrared Programmer

Output Signals

1 x Active Current Output

1 x Passive Current Output

1 x Frequency / Pulse Output

Status Outputs

2 x Contact / Status Outputs for Upper and Lower Flow Limit

Digital Communication

RS485 Modbus, GPRS, Hart

Model Selection
RBEFC Magentic Flowmeter Converter Model Selection


R Remote

Power supply
AC 90-260VAC, 50/60 Hz
DC 24VDC, ±10%

H High Frequency (25Hz)
L Low Frequency

Output Type
S 4-20mA, Pulse & RS232/RS485
M Modbus
G GPRS(Only moudel)
H Hart
Others(pls clarify)

Excitation current

Special Function
0 No
T Power off timer
Q Quantitative control
R IR Remote
H Cumulative hours
J Relay Output

Magnetic Flow Converter /Transmitter Application:

  1. Together with the mag. sensor to form an electromagnetic flow meter to provide accurate and reliable flow measurement;
  2. Fit most sensors from different brands on the market, such as ABB, E+H, KROHNE, ROSEMOUNT, etc.;
  3. Replace the broken converters.

We Supply:

  1. Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter (Customizing available if ordered);
  2. Magnetic flow meters(Pipe size from 15-3000mm);
  3. Magnetic flow meters parts(Flow tubes, electrodes, etc);
  4. 4.  Other products connected with Magnetic flow meter, such as GPRS RTU, etc.

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