Flow Totalizer

RBFT intelligent flow totalizer is based on a microprocessor, input a variety of sensor signals, automatic calculation according to conditions, communications, data processing, general flow totalizer of the standard signal output.

For all kinds of liquids, gases, saturated steam and superheated steam in the frequency, pressure, current inputs, flow measurement and analysis, and test data store, record, export and test results, and so on. With high accuracy, high reliability, versatility, and low power consumption characteristics.



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Intelligent Flow Totalizer Features:

  • can be calculated and accumulated automatically mass flow rate or volumetric flow rate;
  • can be set to instantaneous flow rate function, resection of small signals  (instantaneous flow rate is less than the set value flow is not cumulative)
  • Set the flow control (cumulative value is greater than the set value output flow control signals)
  • Can be set to instantaneous flow rate upper/lower limit alarming functions
  • Programmable following several sensor types

                   P input for differential pressure type flow sensor

                   P, T input for differential pressure flow sensors, temperature sensors

  •         P-P input for differential pressure flow sensors, pressure sensors
            P and P, T input for differential pressure flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors
            f  input for frequency of flow sensor Input for frequency
  •         f and P flow sensors, pressure sensors
            f, P and T input for frequency of flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors
            G input flow flow sensors (linear flow signal)
            G, T input flow flow sensor, temperature sensor
            G and P input flow flow sensors, pressure sensors
            G, P, T input flow flow sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors

Intelligent Flow Totalizer


Input Signal:

Analog Input:      Resistance     Pt100

                            4~20mA   (Temperature transmitter, Pressure transmitter, Flow)

Pulse Input:         Rectangular wave, frequency range of 0~8kHz

Output Signal 

Analog Output:    4~20mA

Switch output:     Relay control output (AC250V/5A,DC30V/5A Resistive load)

Feed output:        DC24V/50mA


Display accuracy:        Instantaneous volume:2 Decimals

                                   Accumulation volume:1 Decimals

                                   Frequency:±1 Pulse,generally better than 0.2%FS

Display Range:           Instantaneous volume:0~4294967295    (0XFFFFFFFF)

                                          Accumulation volume:0~4294967295     (0XFFFFFFFF)

Alarm Type 

Programmable control, the alarm output of instantaneous volume upper / lower limit and accumulation volume, LED light indicators


       RS485 (Baud Rate 600~256000,N,8,1), Standard MODBUS agreement

Record View:

       Outage records (50), alarm records (10), operation log (10), monthly, daily, hourly (according to the model, standard 630 records)

Brownout protection:

       Programmable control of Accumulation when power on, settings permanent saved whenever outage, password protected for Parameter settings

Data Export:

       USB port to export

Environmental conditions:

       Temperature:-10℃~50℃             Humidity:≤85HR

Power supply:


Power Consumption:

       ≤6W (AC220V)


       Standard Snap



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Intelligent Flow Totalizer


Intelligent Flow Totalizer

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