NB-IoT Wireless Temperature Sensor

RBTD-T06 wireless temperature gauge is an intelligent instrument with wireless communication function & SUPER LOW power consumption. with a advanced industrial MCU and a high quality PT1000 temperature sensor, it integrates the NB-IOT network to realize the wireless transmission between filed equipment and server. This gauge will report the temp. Value regularly based on the set interval, and the customer could track all real-time and historical records remotely on WEB pages. All of the uploaded data would be saved in database automatically for the convenience of further checking. Users could log in related URL by network-connected PC or Mobile to check data and do statistics and analysis for the data, then forming a report and data graph, which is featured as visual, accurate and high-efficient.


Based on widely covered NB-IoT network, the RBTD-T06 wireless logger could detect real-time data of many monitoring sites (pipeline or tank etc.) INDEPENDENTLY within a large areas.


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NB-IoT Wireless Temperature Sensor Features:

  • NB-IOT network available in wider areas with signal coverage
  • IP65 protection
  • LCD real-time display with 5-digit reading
  • Battery operated, Low power consumption with sleeping mode lower to 6μA
  • Networking automatic time checking and offline automatic connection
  • Customized settings (interval, threshold value etc.)
  • support customer self-built system and configuration application

NB-IoT Wireless Temperature Sensor Specifications:

Temperature range: -50~150C

Accuracy: ±0.5%FS

Stability: ±0.5%FS/year

Output signal: NB-IoT wireless signal transmission


Module supplier: Quectel

BC95-B20 800MHz for EU market

BC95-B8   900MHz for CN, KR, AU

BC95-B5   850MHz for CN, KR

BC95-B28  700MHz for Latin America


Power consumption

reporting - sleep mode: <6uA (LCD light off)

reporting - working mode: <50mA

detecting - <1mA, detect at specific moment only (configurable)



Operation environment: -20~70C,0~90%RH

Storage temperature: -40~120C

Protection: IP65



7 digit segment LCD display, 5 digit readings

Wake up button: trigger by magnetic bar

Calibrate button: trigger by magnetic bar 

Process connection: M20*1.5

High-gain antenna: 12db

20000mAh Li battery for 1~3 years, changeable ( 26000mAh in fact, 20000mAh valid)

 If there is Line power adapter:

Input:100~240VAC 50/60Hz, output: 5V2ADC

Electric connection: 5-pin aviation plug

Model Selection

NB-IoT Wireless Temperature Gauge Model Selection:

RBTD-T06 Wireless Temperature Sensor(NB-IOT)
R1 (-50 ~150 ℃)
R2 special
  Code Pt1000 probe needle dismeter * length
L1 6*100mm
L2 Special
  Code Power supply
P1 20000MAh battery
P2 20000MAh rechangeable Li-battery +line power
P3 20000MAh rechangeable Li-battery + solar board
  Code Antenna type
A1 1.5m external entenna with magnetic base
A2 special
  Code Process connection
C1 M20*1.5
C2 Special
RBTD-T06 R1 L1 P1 A1 C1


NB-IoT Wireless Temperature Sensor Applications:


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