Battery Magnetic Flow Converter

RBEFB Battery Powered Electro magnetic Flow (water) meter Converter/Transmitter is a kind of battery powered electromagnetic converter. This electromagnetic converter is capable of being used together with common electromagnetic flow meter sensor, with the flow rate measurement accuracy up to 0.5 level. A new type of battery powered meter will be developed by connecting the RBEFC-B converter to a common electromagnetic flow meter.

The standard configuration of RBEFC-B battery powered electro magnetic converter has a lithium battery, which is capable of working 3 to 6 years consecutively. If a high-capacity battery is applied, the convertor will have longer working time.

RBEFC-B battery powered electromagnetic converter has GSM/GPRS and CDMA wireless data transmission function, RS485modbus protocol (external power supply or battery-powered) communication function, and SRD mode wireless network communication system to realize date collection and management.

Stainless steel outer covering and infrared remote control is applied to RBEFC-B battery powered electromagnetic converter to meet IP68-level seal protection requirement, which means the convertor can be used in underground and other damp places.

RBEFB Battery Operated Magnetic Flow Meter Converter/Transmitter can be used to work with a variety of magnetic sensors from different makers, such as Krohne, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress+Hauser(E+H), Toshiba, Emerson, ABB, Honeywell, Omega, McCrometer, Badger Meter, Seametrics, Sparking, ONICON and MJK, etc. Magnetic flow meter manufacturers in the world.


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Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction states that an inductive voltage is generated when a conductor moves through a magnetic field. This principle is used as the basis of flow measurement in the RBEF electromagnetic flow meter.  In the electromagnetic flow meter, the flowing fluid corresponds to the moving conductor as described in Faraday’s law.

UE ∞ B * D * v

The induced voltage UE is directly proportional to magnetic field intensity (B), electrode spacing (D) and average fluid velocity (v). Since magnetic field intensity (B) and the electrode spacing (D) are constant values, induced voltage UE is therefore directly proportional to the average flow velocity (v).

Q = (∏ * D2) / 4 * v     therefore    UE ∞ Q

The equation for calculating volumetric flow rate (Q) shows that the induced voltage (UE) is linear and directly proportional to the average velocity (v).  In the  flowmeter transmitter, the induced voltage (UE) from the electrodes is used to calculate volumetric flow rate (Q) based upon the pipe’s internal diameter.

UE = Induced voltage

B = Magnetic field strength

D = Electrode spacing

V = Fluid velocity

Q = Instantaneous volumetric flow rate


Battery Operated Magnetic Flow Meter Transmitter/Converter Performance Indicators

  •  Environmental Temperature:-20℃-- 50℃
  •  Relative Humidity:≦95%
  • Outer Covering Protection Level: IP68
  • Flow Speed Measurement Range :0-15m/s
  • Conductivity: Clean water >20 μs/cm
  • Measuring Diameter: DN10---DN800
  •  Matching Accuracy Class: 0.5
  • Measurement Parameter: instantaneous flow, instantaneous flow rate
  • Record Parameter: cumulated gross Flow
  • Detection and Alarm Parameters: Fluid empty pipe detection alarm, excitation current detection alarm
  • Scaled Output Signal: Unit volume flow pulse
  • Communication Mode: RS485 (Modbus protocol), GPRS
  •  Battery Working Time

Table 1 Corresponding Table of Battery life and Interval Measurement Time

(Excitation Mode 1)

Cycle Measuring Time

50mA Excitation Use Time

20mA Excitation Use Time


120 months

200 months


60 months

100 months


    56 months

93 months


52 months

86 months


48 months

79 months


44 months

73 months


40 months

66 months


36 months

59 months


32 months

53 months


28 months

46 months


24 months

39 months


20 months

33 months


16 months

26 months


12 months

19 months

Table .2 Battery Life Coefficient Corresponding Excitation Mode

Excitation Mode

Mode 1

Mode 2

Battery Life Coefficient



When the sensor has large diameter, the corresponding excitation cycle is long (see excitation mode parameter), therefore there is more power consumption.


Magnetic Flow Sensor Matching Requirements

For 20mA excitation, sensor excitation coil resistance: 70 to 110 Ω (two coils in series) (recommended)

 For 35mA excitation, sensor excitation coil resistance: 50 to 70 Ω (two coils in series)

For 50mA excitation, sensor excitation coil resistance: 30 to 50 Ω (two coils in series)

Sensor flow signal strength: 50 to 100 mV (1m/s)

Note: Special note is necessary to order excitation coil resistance

Requirements for the Sensor

RBEFB Series battery-powered converter uses 30mA excitation current and can be equipped with sensor coil resistance value from 30 to 70 ohms (two coils connected in series).

Generally, the ordinary sensor can work with RBEFB series converter to achieve high-precision measurement as long as its calibration coefficient is 1.2000 or less if calibrated with our 250mA converter.

Model Selection
RBEFB Battery Magnetic Flow Meter Converter/Transmitter Model Selection


C5 Compact(IP65) 

R5 Remote(IP65)

C8  Compact(IP68) 

R8 Remote(IP68)


N No output

RB5 RS485, 3.6V battery power supply, IP65

RB8 RS485, 3.6V battery power supply, IP68

RP8 RS485, 12-24V power supply,IP68

GC8 GPRS-Compact with 3.6V Battery powered,IP68

GR8 GPRS-Remote with 3.6V Battery powered, IP68

GR5 GPRS and RS485 two-way communication, 3.5V battery and DC12-24V two power supply, IP65

GD5 GPRS, 3.5V battery and DC12-24V two power supply, IP65

A 4-20mA with 12-24VDC or External battery,IP68

P Pulse with 12-24VDC or External battery, IP68

AH 4-20mA+Hart (IP68),12-24VDC or External battery, IP68

Function selection

N No

P With pressure

Battery life
A 3-6 years
More than 6 years

Battery Magnetic Flow Converter /Transmitter Application:

  1. Magnetic Flow meters manufacturers: together with the mag. sensor to form an electromagnetic flow meter to provide accurate and reliable flow measurement;
  2. Instead of fitting most sensors from different brands on the market, such as Krohne, Rosemount, Yokogawa, Endress+Hauser(E+H), Toshiba, Emerson, ABB and MJK, etc.
  3. Replace: replace the broken converters.

We Supply:

  1. Electromagnetic Flowmeter Converter: AC or DC and Battery (Customizing available if ordered);
  2. Magnetic flow meters(Pipe size from 15-3000mm);
  3. Magnetic flow meters parts(Flow tubes, electrodes, etc);
  4. Other products connected with Magnetic flow meter, such as GPRS RTU, etc.

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