Battery Insertion Magmeter

RBEFB-I Battery Powered Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter (Magmeters)  is designed specifically for the water industry to meet the city's water supply to ensure the accurate calculation, the scene is widely used in places without power supply, such as urban water supply, sewage treatment, water conservancy and other industries.

The RBEFB-I Battery Powered Insertion Magmeters is ideal for use in process measurement and control, survey, leak detection, etc. applications such as leakage monitoring, and network analysis and in permanent locations where cost or space limitations preclude the use of conventional closed pipe meters.

Battery Insertion Magmeters can be installed in any pipeline of internal diameter from 50mm (2in) to 8000mm (360in) through a small tapping.


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Principle of Operation

Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction states that an inductive voltage is generated when a conductor moves through a magnetic field. This principle is used as the basis of flow measurement in the RBEF-I electromagnetic flow meter.  In the electromagnetic flow meter, the flowing fluid corresponds to the moving conductor as described in Faraday’s law.

UE ∞ B * D * v

The induced voltage UE is directly proportional to magnetic field intensity (B), electrode spacing (D) and average fluid velocity (v). Since magnetic field intensity (B) and the electrode spacing (D) are constant values, induced voltage UE is therefore directly proportional to the average flow velocity (v).

Q = (∏ * D2) / 4 * v     therefore    UE ∞ Q

The equation for calculating volumetric flow rate (Q) shows that the induced voltage (UE) is linear and directly proportional to the average velocity (v).  In the flow meter transmitter, the induced voltage (UE) from the electrodes is used to calculate volumetric flow rate (Q) based upon the pipe’s internal diameter.

UE = Induced voltage

B = Magnetic field strength                                  Fig. 1 The Principle of Insertion Flowmeter

D = Electrode spacing

V = Fluid velocity

Q = Instantaneous volumetric flow rate


RBEFB-I Battery- Powered Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter (Magmeters)

  •  Micro-power design, four 3.6V lithium battery, working life 3--6 years, and battery replaceable;
  • Lower Cost – Installed savings more than 45%
  • Hot Tap Installation – No service interruption
  • Dedicated survey tool for monitoring Non-Revenue Water(NRW)
  • Accurate – Measures the full flow profile
  •  Accessible – Insertion design provides easy access
  • Robust – No moving parts to wear or break
  • Versatile – Great for plant maintenance, upgrades and retrofits
  • Virtually No Maintenance – No field calibration required
  • Compact and rugged design. IP68 submersible
  • Output: Providing pulse output for easy calibration;
  • Providing RS485 communication interface, enabling wireless remote data transmission.
  • Optional GSM/GPRS wireless and turnkey data service.

Battery Operation Insertion Emag meters Specification:

The RBEF-I has two models: Fixeddepth model and Pluggable model.

1. Fixed depth Insertion Magnetic flow meter

Pipe Size

Insertion DepthD=pipe inner diameter)




(1/8)*D or (1/2)*D



 2. Pluggable Model Insertion Magnetic flow meter(Magmeter)


Probe Length (mm)

DN Size

Insertion Depth 1/8*D



DN50 ~ DN1600



DN450 ~ DN4800



DN1400 ~ DN7200



DN2000 ~ DN8000


  Fig.3A Pluggable Model

 Fig.3B NPT G1.5” Connection

The RBEF tube is made from stainless steel or titanium and its outer diameter is Ф27mm. The probe is made from stainless steel or titanium and PEEK and its outer diameter is Ф34mm. For the pluggable model, the connection between the probe and the pipeline is made through G  screw or DN40 flange.


1.   Suitable for pipeline size from DN50~DN8000mm;

2. Velocity range: 0.1~1m/s or 0.1~10m/s, span can be setup from 0.5m/s~10m/s.

3. Accuracy: velocity v≥1m/s, the accuracy is ±1.5%;

            velocity 0.1m/s<v<1m/s, the accuracy is ±3%.

4. Liquid conductivity: >20μs/cm

5. Working pressure: 0.6MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa

6. Electrodes: SS316L,HC-22,HB3,Ti

7. Probe Material:SS304,SS316L, Ti (PEEK)

8. Maximum Liquid Temperature: PEEK 120℃

9. Enclosure IP: IP65、IP67,IP68 for remote type only

10. Maximum Cable Length: 100m (10m cable supplied if not specifically ordered)

11. Output Signal:   4~20mA, load: 0~500Ω;

                Pulse: 1~5KHz, load: 250~1.2kΩ;

                 Communications: RS232C、RS485、MODBUS etc.

12. Other specifications refer to RBEFB Battery Magnetic Flow Converter manual.

Model Selection

RBEFB-I Insertion Type Magmeter Model Selection


The Battery Powered Insertion Magnetic Flow Meter (Emag meters) is a cost-saving and space-saving solution for most cases in which the velocity of liquid are needed.

such as water piping, flow switch, leakage detection, network analysis, open channel measurement, etc.

  • Municiple, Utilities, Waterworks,
  • Industrial
  • Irrigation meters of Agriculture
  • Leakage Detection 
  • Conductive liquids
  • Telemetry application,
  • Contaminated liquid flow moniitoring;


Manual - Battery Powered Insertion Magmeter

Other files- Battery Powered Insertion Emag meter

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