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RB421 Series Paperless recorder instruments adopt three kinds of latest technology, including wide visual angle, high-light TFT true-color LCD, big memory FLASH RAM and highly reliable intelligent-embedded U-disk data backups. Compared with the traditional paperless recorder instruments, MR2100 series are able to analyze and deal with the substantive data obtained from the production flow, and can help to improve production techniques, analyze production flow and calculate production cost. It can be widely used in the production flow of metallurgy, petro chemistry, electric power, light industry and nuclear energy and all scientific research fields. It is considered as the most ideal production to replace the automatic balanceable paper recorder instruments that are widely used at present.



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RB421 Series Paperless recorder Features:

  • Besides adopting big memory FLASH RAM to save real-time data, RB421 series paperless recorder instruments also use U-disk to realize data backups. It has completely cancelled the traditional methods of using papers, ink, pens and automatically transmission to realize recorder, and thus it can release people from daily maintenance work like spot changing of papers, ink and pens, and advance the reliability and realize cost saving.
  • RB421 has an intelligent-analog input module, which can realize full-range free-input of thermo resistance, thermo couple, and standard signals], and thus has the characters of high precision, reliability, currency, and free-adjusting and so on. It has completely solved the problem of the currency of spot instruments kept in reserve and spare parts.
  • Adopting TFT true-color LCD, RB421 paperless recorder instruments can display data in the form of curve, Bar Diagram, Digit and still many other kinds of display forms. It can achieve elective and circulating display of single/multi channel in curve, Bar Diagram, Digit displays. The way RB421 adopts to do the curve recorder to imitate paper-tracking display and former curve dynamic display browse leading it in the highest flight in the world in this field.
  • RB421 has eight kinds of flow accumulation arithmetic, which can complete the linearity and extraction arithmetic in full compensating flux of common gas, saturated gas and steam-gas, and at the same time, it also can do the Retrieval of total Accumulation and day Accumulation for 32days.
  • RB421 can realize multi-channel, 24V double-wire feedback and 4~20mA current input system. The input is directly associated with the transmitter site which can be easily in the spot. Besides, RB421 also provides 0~10mA,4~20mA double-wire  current output.
  • Recorded data from RB421 can be analyzed by upper computers through U-disk. The recorded data can be displayed in the way of single channel curves, multi-channel curves and Digit. Move the cursor along the recorded curve, the value and time at any point in the curve can be displayed. In addition, the curve has the functions like partial enlarged and time compression, and all the data and curves displayed can be printed out.
  • Through 485 communication interface, RB421 can do communication with upper computers online. Upper computers use software to do data collection and system control in the form of data statements, curves, bar diagram.

RB421 Series Paperless recorder Specification:

  •  Input Channel: 1~8channels adopt absolute floating isolation inputs. The isolated voltages between channels /channels to ground were Vp-p 400V. (special demands can reach up to Vp-p 600V)
  • Output channels: 7/8 channel can be used as 2 channels of current-output, and e mode of current-output is 4-20mA/0-10mA and set by software.
  • Input Signal: standard signal: 0~10mA, 0~20mA, 4~20mA, 1~5V;
  •                          thermal couples: R,S,B,K,J,E,N,T,EA2,WRe526;
  •                          thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50;
  •      DC voltage: 20mV,40mV,60mV,80mV,100mV,200mV,1V,2V,5V;
  •      Frequency: 2~10kHz, voltage value ≥5V
  •      Pulse: 0~5kHz, voltage value ≥5V
  •      Basic Errors:  ±0.5%  ±1LsB  
  •      Resolving Power of Curve: 0.4%
  •      Sampling Time: channel 1----0.3s;channel 2----0.4s;channel 4----0.6s;channel 8---1.0s
  •      Recorder Speed: 1,2,4,8,12,16,20s
  •     Storing Memory: 256M、512M、1G、2G
  •     Curve Recorder Time: curve recorder time= recorder speed*21* Storing Memory/32(day)
  •     Display mode: curve/digit display, bar diagram/digit display, digit display, total accumulation/day accumulation mixed display, setting display.
  •     Warning points: 8 warning points
  •     Warning mode: every channel has 4 warning points at most, and software can help to realize upper-lower limit warning, upper- upper warning, lower-lower limit warning.
  •     Warning output: node capacity: 250V、AC、1A,30V、DC、3A.
  •     Communication Interface: RS-485 optical isolation; communication instance: less than 1200 meters; baud rate is 14400.
  •     Power supply: 220V、AC±10%,50HZ±2HZ.
  •     Weight: 5.3kg
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